Overseas Account Controller

Additional Information

  • Post Title: Overseas Account Controller
  • category: Accounting
  • subcategory: Financial Accountant jobs
  • No. of Vacancies: 1
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Posting duration: 2019/6/1 ~ 2020/9/1
  • Level of Spoken Chinese: Fluent
  • Nationality: all
  • Education: associate
  • Work Experience: One Year
  • Gender: F/M
  • Age:
  • Work Status: Fulltime
  • Salary: negotiate
  • Position responsibilities and other requirements:
Responsibility 1: Control Overseas Settlement
Task1 Send monthly AR SOA to overseas IC & AGENT and get SOA from oversea 
Task2 Focus on over 90 days overdue outstanding and try to clear open items in both SOA 
Task3 Confirm both payment details with overseas Fin counterparts, arranging payments and collecting remittances together with matching outstanding

Responsibility 2: Overseas Report
Task1 Prepare monthly IC / Agent AR report before 10th
Task2 AR reports distribution in overseas account controllers, and consolidate all dispute invoices into one form
Task3 Prepare monthly IC Report before 12th ; Sign quarterly IC Reconciliation according to GROUP requirements

-Major in accounting is preferable 
-College education or above 
-At least 1 year working experiences 
-English CET-4 or fluency in reading and writing


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