Brief Introduction to the International Department

The International Department is an important part of Beijing No. 4 High School. Founded in 1907, Beijing No.4 High School is a pilot senior high school and a UNISCO club member of the grass root level. Since its founding some 100 years ago, the School has educated more than 35,000 graduates, with 98% of the graduates each year going to the key prestigious universities. And 30% - 40% of the graduates are admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University – the top institutions of higher learning in China. Many students of the school have won gold medals in academic International Olympic Contests of various subjects. There are nearly 30 different kinds of student societies, including clubs of Chess, ball games, swimming, wushu, dancing, chorus, instrumental music, calligraphy, painting, science & technology, among which the School’s swimming team, basketball team, chorus and vocal music group have won repeatedly the first prize in various competitions for Beijing high school students.

Located at the central part of Beijing, Beijing No.4 High School is only 2 km from Tiananmen Square. And close by lie quite a few beautiful parks and sites of historical interests such as Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, the Palace Museum, Zhongshan Park, Prince Gong’s Mansion and the Former Residence of Madame Song Qingling.


The School covers an area of 43,000 square meters with total construction area of 35,000 square meters, including well furnished and equipped teaching buildings and the science building. The School’s library has a collection of 100 thousand books and is well managed through network. There is a good stadium well equipped with such sports facilities as a 400-meter running track, a basketball court, a football ground and a volleyball court, all covered with synthetic materials, as well as an indoor swimming pool and a basketball hall.

No. 4 High School carries out frequent exchange activities with school of various countries. Each year, many foreign friends come to the school for visit. And the delegations of No. 4 High School also pay return visits to their partner schools worldwide. The School keeps close contacts with teachers and students from such countries as the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, as well as regions in China like Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and has been visiting each other frequently.

In order to meet the increasing demand of international personnel exchange and the need for the people from all over the world to be educated in the prestigious schools in China, Beijing No. 4 High School is ready to make contributions to the basic education of talented personnel from all over the world, bringing its high-quality education resources into full play, joining the world in the field of advanced education pattern. With the approval of the Municipal Government and the Municipal Education Commission, the School set up the International Student Department in 2002, offering Chinese Language courses, diploma courses, and preparatory courses for higher education. Now the recruitment has started. Students from various countries and regions are welcome sign up and study in No.4 High School.