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  International Department  

BCCSC got qualification to recruit international students in December, 2004, with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the first group of international students arrived in our school in March, 2005.

The international characteristics in teaching:
Preparatory classes in high school courses: Chinese courses -- Chinese training courses, math tutorial, music, sports, fine arts; Canadian courses -- Canadian English courses, social study, IT (taught by Canadian teachers)

High School: We establish a dual student status for every high school student. Taking both Chinese and Canadian courses, study together with Chinese students in High School classroom, the students can get dual qualifications and certificates offered by both Chinese and Canadian government after graduating. They can choose to study in universities in China, or apply for overseas universities.

Smart Board Teaching
Full adoption of the most advanced smart board in teaching, BCCSC became the famous school in whole country to equip with electronic smart boards and used it in each class, the teaching content is rich and vivid to enhance students' interest and it's good for students to understand and remember, after the using of smart board, students achievement has improved significantly.
Our school provides scholarships once a year for the students with their outstanding performance at school. There were three or four students got a total of ten thousand dollars in scholarships each year. The scholarship was awarded to the students in the Great Hall of the People during the Graduation Ceremony.

Students Received Scholarship
in 2006
Students Received Scholarship
in 2007
Students Received Scholarship
in 2008

International exchanges and cooperation in extracurricular activities embodies humane care
We put into a lot of manpower and resource to update and improve international students dormitory and cafeteria, and special hired one cook to prepare delicious Korean foods for Korean students. Our cafeteria was awarded 'A level in sanitation'  by the board of health in Beijing in December, 2004. There are 3 students share one room, provide warm water fully, our dormitory teachers care for student in different way, health care from our school clinic with plan. Security guards are on duty day and night. We created new model of teaching management and life service in our school.

Outward Bound Training Desert Journey Dragon Boat event during the Festival    

Arrangements for regular activities and weekend events
As our students all live in school with a closed management, weekend events are more important. We arranged series of activities to serve the students and at the same time improve their understanding of Chinese culture. Such as: Regular field trip for social practice; Regular Home Stay activity; Weekend Folk Culture activity; Regular shopping etc.

International Summer (Winter) Camp
During the annual winter and summer vacations, BCCSC organize three-week International Winter (Summer ) Camp, arrange international students to study Chinese folk culture as well as visit Beijing's famous cultural landscape and social practice activities.

Winter Camp and Exchange Program in Canada
The school has been conducting several exchange program every year including our Grade 10 students' three - week winter camp visit to Canada as well as a five-month enhanced program for our Grade 11 & Grade 12 students. In the past ten years, over 2000 students and staff have been enrolled in this program to study or visit Canada. we have received many compliments from community leaders, school administrators and staff, Canadian Media including TV stations and various press recognized our students as young ambassadors of China.

At present, BCCSC already had Korean graduates in year 2008 & 2009, they all got both Chinese and Canadian Diplomas, Most of Graduates went to Canada, UK, USA for their further study. Some selected universities in China or Korea. In 2009, Korean student KIM Hyoun Kyu 'Klein' was accepted by Tsinghua University, CHOI Min Woo 'Luchiano'  was accepted by The University of British Columbia (UBC) which is a famous university in Canada. He also received C$3000 scholarship.

Students recruiting Information :
Our school recruits graduates from middle school with foreign nationality, or Grade 11 & 12 students who studied in China, we have 2 type of admission: 1) language study from half year to 1 year, 2) high school academic study for 3 years. International students with HSK mark of level 4 can directly admitted into our high school program. Successful graduates will be awarded both the Chinese and Canadian diplomas. Graduates can then apply to domestic or international universities abroad.


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