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Posted 2020/3/11

   Vacancies available

   1.Native English Speakers only.
   2.Journalistic experience and good news-writing skills,.
   3.A good command of the English language.
   4.Commitment and flexibility.

    Video Editors and Cameramen:
    1.Relevant work experience and professional skills.
    2.Positions are open to both foreign and Chinese citizens. Chinese applicants should be able to communicate in English.
    3.Flexibility and team spirit.

    TV reporters:
   1.TV experience.
   2.Journalistic skills.
   3.Team spirit and flexibility.

   The English Service of China Radio International offers a multi-cultural environment, with native English speakers working together with their Chinese colleagues as news editors, newscasters, DJs and reporters. In addition to the traditional radio broadcast, it has branched out to produce video programs for its web audience.

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