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Online video interview, new trend in job hunting in China

Posted 2020/3/11

        In China, more and more employers are using web-based video job interviews to screen candidates for employment.

      "For our new company, the video interview could save time and money for us and our candidates," Tan Jun, a company manager in southern China's Guangzhou city told a reporter from news portal

     "The candidate's expression and conversation will be an important part to help us work out a comprehensive assessment. Furthermore, during the video interview, we can evaluate a candidate's computer skill by asking him or her to type or conduct some special applications. It is more efficient than traditional interviews."

       But it needs some time for the people to accept the new way for job hunt having mainly relied on job markets and sometimes electronic resumes.

       Some experts see the online interview as a highly efficient way to job hunt and believe it could realize a win-win situation for both employers and candidates.

      On one hand, employers initially screen candidates through the online interview on a larger scale, saving employment costs. On the other hand, it saves candidates' costs too, moreover, the familiar environment of a sitting room or study can help to put candidates at ease helping them perform better at interview.

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