China's painting academy hires foreign advisors

Posted 2014-3-25

 The China National Academy of Painting (CNAP) has hired sevenartists with international reputations to promote Chinese art.

The seven foreign artists are Claude Abeille, chairman of the Academie des Beaux-Arts;architect Paul Andreu; Remy Aron, president of Societe des Artistes Francais; sculptorJean Cardot; painter Pierre Carron; Erik Desmazieres of the etching section of theAcademie des Beaux-Arts; and Jason Zhixin Sun from the Metropolitan Museum of Art inNew York.

Yang Xiaoyang, president of CNAP, said the artists have global influence and will promoteCNAP overseas through exhibitions and cultural exchanges in their home countries.

Chinese fine arts will carry forward their own traditions, but also absorb and learn from theart of other countries, Yang said.

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